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A Killjoy Roleplay... Get your shit together, men
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Okay, so important messages and announcements will be broadcast like this, followed by any needed contact information. If the broadcast is specific to a certain administrator/killjoy, their name will follow. Get it? Potatoes aren't vegetables-> ARE TOO

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 Deadly After

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Detonator Baby
Detonator Baby

PostSubject: Deadly After   Sat 16 Oct - 19:40:12

Name: (Optional): Tomorrow "Tommy" 
Killjoy Name: Deadly After
Approximate Age: 7
Gender: Male
Hair (color, style, etc): exactly like Party Poison's, but blue...
Eyes (Size, shape, color): very large and grey.  
Skin tone: extremely pale, sorta greyish even...
Height: Tall for his age.
Body Type: too skinny. Much, much too skinny. 
Weapon(s) of choice: paper airplanes with tiny darts at the tips. Black and blue raygun.  
Place of Origin: Battery City 
Personality: seems quiet at first, but when he begins to feel more comfortable...extreeeemely loud. Annoying to the nicest of adults. Likes to wreak havoc and cause chaos at the worst possible time. Enjoys planning others' deaths. Scares children. Doesn't play well with others. Usually.  
Favorite Colors: grey, blue, black, white...
Typical dress: many stripes and even polka dots, everything is usually grey, black, white or blue...sometimes he'll throw some red in there. Black Doc Martens boots or converse. Wears a black and blue mask most of the time.  
Notes: he likes to make origami. And paint it. And make it look badass. Sister is Yesterday.  
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Genocidal Sunshine
Genocidal Sunshine

Age : 23
Location : Battery City... Oi
Job/hobbies : I ghost for a living. watch your ass

PostSubject: Re: Deadly After   Sat 16 Oct - 19:41:43

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Deadly After
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