Fabulous Killjoys
Fabulous Killjoys

A Killjoy Roleplay... Get your shit together, men
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Okay, so important messages and announcements will be broadcast like this, followed by any needed contact information. If the broadcast is specific to a certain administrator/killjoy, their name will follow. Get it? Potatoes aren't vegetables-> ARE TOO

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 Don't let 'em get ya. ever

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Genocidal Sunshine
Genocidal Sunshine

Age : 23
Location : Battery City... Oi
Job/hobbies : I ghost for a living. watch your ass

PostSubject: Don't let 'em get ya. ever   Sat 16 Oct - 19:45:45

So, a few people don't know all our lingo.
here's a few common words you might see around

Ghosted, Dusted, X'd- various ways to say dead, killed, dying

Shiny- Awesome. Generally used as slang

Crash Queens, Rock'n'Rollers, Motorbabies- Generally used as slang for people. like instead of saying "hey guys" say something like "hello motorbabies"
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Don't let 'em get ya. ever
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