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A Killjoy Roleplay... Get your shit together, men
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Okay, so important messages and announcements will be broadcast like this, followed by any needed contact information. If the broadcast is specific to a certain administrator/killjoy, their name will follow. Get it? Potatoes aren't vegetables-> ARE TOO

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 Crystal Caper

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Age : 25
Location : wandering around
Job/hobbies : surviving, kicking people's ass's, traveling

PostSubject: Crystal Caper   Thu 28 Oct - 23:26:33

Name: (Optional): Jessi
Killjoy Name: Crystal Caper
Approximate Age: 17
Gender: female
Hair (color, style, etc): short, choppy, dark brown
Eyes (Size, shape, color): regular shaped, blue/gray
Skin tone: pale with slight color
Height: 5'6"
Body Type: around 132lbs, skinny-ish
Logo: http://www.polyvore.com/my_killjoys_symbol/set?id=24455128
Weapon(s) of choice: a pool stick, bat, ray gun
Place of Origin: what used to be Las Vegas, Nevada
Personality: She is outgoing and can have moments of shyness. Very sarcastic and random. Protects her friends, even if that means being hurt. Can go from being happy and fun to "I'm gonna rip your head off" in under 2 seconds.
Favorite Colors: black, blood red, blue
Typical dress: http://www.polyvore.com/my_killjoy_costume_rl_set/set?id=24455648
Notes: Parents died when she was young, so she doesn't remeber them. She is a little insane from years by herself.
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Genocidal Sunshine
Genocidal Sunshine

Age : 23
Location : Battery City... Oi
Job/hobbies : I ghost for a living. watch your ass

PostSubject: Re: Crystal Caper   Thu 28 Oct - 23:35:48

100% Approved!

"Christina, one day you are going to realize that everything you knew was wrong. That no one is who they want you to think they are. That's why you can't play with Mommy and my friends, okay?"
(Sunny's "Dad" to her when she was younger)
[Sing about everyone that you left behind]

"Mommy, why don't me and Tommy have a daddy? Lila and Molly and everyone else at school does!"
"Your Daddy works for the radio in Three, Sera. Okay? He'll visit one day."
"No he won't, Mommy."
(a conversation between Sera and her mom when she was 4. Her dad actually visits a lot)

Kobra Kid
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Crystal Caper
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