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A Killjoy Roleplay... Get your shit together, men
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Okay, so important messages and announcements will be broadcast like this, followed by any needed contact information. If the broadcast is specific to a certain administrator/killjoy, their name will follow. Get it? Potatoes aren't vegetables-> ARE TOO

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 Bloody Bulletshell Character form

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Location : Somewhere in the zones
Job/hobbies : Ghosting people, taking care of my family, drawing

PostSubject: Bloody Bulletshell Character form   Wed 24 Nov - 17:34:12

Name: (Optional): Ellody
Killjoy Name :Bloody Bulletshell
Approximate Age:18
Gender: femme fatale.
Hair (color, style, etc): ginger.. duh.. reddish orange with blond streaks, sorta curly, shoulder length. worn loose or tied back in a ponytai.l
Eyes (Size, shape, color) :doe eyed, oddly shaped.. generally bluish green, bu change color with mood
Skin tone: overly pale
Height: 5'5"ish. short for my family
Body Type: skinny, but with some curves
Logo :none. i never had the time or patience to make one
Weapon(s) of choice: my raygun. or dagger... if all else fails, use whatever's in reach
Place of Origin: unknown
Personality :I can be a bit of a bitch if you piss me off. Other than that, I'm stoic as hell. no emotions.Ghosting people is what i do. Watch yourselves.
Favorite Colors :red, white, blue, silver, and black
Typical dress: black knee high boots, blue and white polka dot tights. black skirt, red shirt with the word "bullets" on the front. Black choker(probably her moms), superhero mask(never comes off), Black hoodie, red fingerless gloves. aviator glasses, and an american flag bandana.
Notes: I'm not gonna sugarcoat anything for you. Im a stoic bitch with a cold heart. Why? I had the nerve to trust someone once and he broke my heart when i turned 16. My dad's dead, my mom didnt last long after he died. Left incharge of my four younger siblings. Ghosting people to keep them safe is what i do for fun. Dont try to change me.
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Genocidal Sunshine
Genocidal Sunshine

Age : 23
Location : Battery City... Oi
Job/hobbies : I ghost for a living. watch your ass

PostSubject: Re: Bloody Bulletshell Character form   Wed 24 Nov - 17:35:04


"Christina, one day you are going to realize that everything you knew was wrong. That no one is who they want you to think they are. That's why you can't play with Mommy and my friends, okay?"
(Sunny's "Dad" to her when she was younger)
[Sing about everyone that you left behind]

"Mommy, why don't me and Tommy have a daddy? Lila and Molly and everyone else at school does!"
"Your Daddy works for the radio in Three, Sera. Okay? He'll visit one day."
"No he won't, Mommy."
(a conversation between Sera and her mom when she was 4. Her dad actually visits a lot)

Kobra Kid
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Bloody Bulletshell Character form
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