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Okay, so important messages and announcements will be broadcast like this, followed by any needed contact information. If the broadcast is specific to a certain administrator/killjoy, their name will follow. Get it? Potatoes aren't vegetables-> ARE TOO

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 Astro Panic

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PostSubject: Astro Panic   Sun 25 Sep - 22:14:15

Name: (Optional): Piper LeViathan
Killjoy Name: Asto Panic
Approximate Age: 22
Gender: Female
Hair (color, style, etc): Black and green, long and shaved on one side.
Eyes (Size, shape, color): Huge, round hazel eyes
Skin tone: Olive
Height: 5'5"
Body Type: Curvy
Weapon(s) of choice: two ray guns and a chainsaw machine gun
Place of Origin: Zone 5
Personality: Loud, doesn't take things seriously and taunts the Dracs as she's fighting.
Favorite Colors: anything that glows
Typical dress: a red t-shirt with the collar and sleeves cut; a leather vest with a Mickey Mouse patch, Mickey's eyes are X'd out; cut off black denim shorts over red and black striped tights, streaked with runs and torn, over that are torn nylons; black leather gloves; big black knee-high, army boots; and aviator goggles.
Notes: Used be part of a gang of airship pirates before the ship got bombed and they all got ghoasted. Only she and her brother survived but he was badly injured. He was kidnapped by Draculoids and they turned him. He was sent back "good as new". Panic was forced to kill him after realizing his mind had been erased anyways and he was a mindless drone sent to kill her.
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Astro Panic
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